Meet Curt


Curt Couch is a painter, sculptor, ceramic artist, and furniture builder living in beautiful Santa Rosa Beach, Florida with his wife of 33 years and partner in life, Renee. They made their home on 30A in 2014 after years of vacationing with their three, now grown, children.

Curt has always been an artist, actively creating in one form or another for most of his life. Confidence from a career spent inventing, designing and manufacturing products for a broad range of industries led Curt to creating multi-medium works for his friends and family. With the encouragement and support from his wife Renee, CCouch Art was born and he began showcasing his work in local galleries and studios. 

Largely self-taught, Curt finds inspiration for his art everywhere. Applying the beauty of nature as well as his own second nature, Curt combines inspiration, intuition, and ingenuity to make his CCouch Art pieces come to life.

“I’ve always been interested in the process of making and the problem-solving it requires to take an idea and bring it to life.”

As you would imagine, the coastal paradise along the panhandle of Florida isn’t a difficult place to use nature as your muse. Curt draws inspiration from the hues of the sea and sky as well as the marine life who inhabit it. But imagination is also sparked within himself as he uses materials like concrete aggregate mediums, acrylics, and a wide variety of mixed media, to create his works and develop his themes.

“My work is known for its subtle textures, illustrated on a variety of surfaces from conventional canvases to wood canvases and aluminum. I choose acrylics, oils, and mixed resin paints carefully to create each body of work.”

Curt is focused, dedicated, and passionate about each piece he makes. Collectors should know that every piece moving through his studio is a one of a kind original work, hand stamped with his trademark “Tree of Life” symbol signed either Curt or CCouch.

"I hope in my work, experimentation, and learning processes, to inspire others to find something they are passionate about, and to focus on it long enough to make it their own gift back to the world. Thank you for visiting my site!"