Live Edge Desk with Steel Welded Legs

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Live edge pecan, desk, or entrance table. Measures roughly 34" wide tapering to 22"" and 2-3"" thick x 60" long and 37" tall. The triple steel hair pin legs are formed, welded and matched to the slab. Slabs like these are what's referred to in the sawmill as "first cuts" The bark/Live Edge" and several inches of the trees outside layers are removed in order to get to the heart and finner grains of the wood. This particular slab has some worm holes, slight termite grooves and even a remnant of an old barb-wire fence where the tree grew around it over the years. I personally see the beauty in these unique one of a kind specimens that literally come alive. $995.00

Each piece is a handmade orginial assuring no two pieces of furniture are ever the same. Size, shape, and color vary. Customers can request pictures of available specimens for their own hand crafted, unique piece.

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